The MARPs Network Secretariat, established in 2011, by design has a lean team of staff, supported by field officers and key and priority population (KP/PP) peer leaders. The secretariat has established its niche and competitive advantage in HIV programming for KP/PPs in Uganda. The organization works with and for KP/PP CSOs, creating opportunities for engagement between KP/PP service users and providers, and advocating on behalf of KP/PPs.

The MARPs Network secretariat is also the KP/PP Secretariat for Global Fund Uganda Country Coordinating Mechanism (UCCM) activities.

HIV Prevalence among some Ugandan Key Populations is as high as 37%

In 2016, an estimated 1.4 million people were living with HIV, and an estimated 28,000 Ugandans died of AIDS-related illnesses.

There were 52,000 new HIV infections in Uganda in 2016,mainly among adolescents and young people, women and girls, and key populations

Driven by passion as a founding principle, trust as a building block, and personal tragedy as a somber reminder, the MARPs Network founding members and team are committed to working with others towards the achievement of the basic human right of access to health. We believe that multi-stakeholder; cross-sectoral, participatory approaches along with active promotion of equity are essential for supporting sustainable processes and stable societies.

Our Core Values:

Our core values are the bedrock upon which we do what we do at MNL. These include;

  • Accountability
  • Confidentiality
  • Professionalism
  • Respect for Diversity
  • Transparency

Core Program Areas:

Our core program areas include:

  • Knowledge Management
  • Network Development
  • Business Development,
  • Capacity Building and
  • Communications and Public Affairs


MARPs Network has served Uganda's key populations for over 10 years. With this experience, we are an authority and  safe space for MARPs (especially KAPs) to consort and has enviable experience and expertise in MARPs .programming.

Our Impact

Organisations supported.
Districts reached and served
Years of relentless and selfless service

With your help we can do so much more

Every dollar you donate can provide condoms, educate the community and contribute to a zero HIV/AIDS generation. We entirely depend on donations.

Our current and past partners and sponsors.

News and Activities

How close are we to the 2020 HIV target?

“Stigma and discrimination still has terrible consequences. The very people who are meant to be protecting, supporting and healing people living with HIV often discriminate against the people who should be in their care, denying access to critical HIV services, resulting in more HIV infections and more deaths. It is the responsibility of the state to protect everyone. Human rights are universal—no one is excluded, not sex workers, gay men and other men who have sex with men, people who inject drugs, transgender people, prisoners or migrants. Bad laws that criminalize HIV transmission, sex work, personal drug use and sexual orientation or hinder access to services must go, and go now!”

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