Ending HIV without Exclusion
MNL envisions a society free from HIV/AIDS risks, stigma and discrimination.
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Bridging the gap between KP/PP and service providers.
MNL is the only umbrella civil society organization (CSO) that brings together all categories of key and priority population CSOs across Uganda.
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We are a knowledge base for KP/PP Planning and service in Uganda
MARPs Network is recognized, accepted and valued as the strongest link among the largest number of KP/PP focused stakeholders. MNL brings together all categories of key and priority population CSOs across Uganda.
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10 Years of serving marginalized communiites
We currently strive to reach 100% operational efficiency at the MNL Secretariat by 2020. We currently support interventions in 45 Ugandan districts.
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We envision a world free of HIV risk, stigma, discrimination

Most- At-Risk Populations Network Limited (MNL) is a Ugandan not-for-profit organization incorporated in 2008 to facilitate coordinated interventions responsive to key and priority population needs in Uganda.

MNL is the only umbrella civil society organisation (CSO) that brings together all categories of key and priority population CSOs across Uganda.

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KP/PP  beneficiaries reached and served by MNL.


Ugandan Districts covered so far

Our partners

The fight to zero HIV infections cannot be won solely by a single government, organization or individual but a combination of each and every person’s effort. Below are organisations we have collaborated with in the past, and continue to engage with today.

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There were 52,000 new HIV infections in Uganda in 2016, mainly among adolescents and young people, women and girls, and key populations.

Why key populations?

Key populations accounted for 45% of new HIV infections in 2015 alone.

Due to stigma and criminalization of same-sex relationships, sex work and drug use,  KPs have been discriminated in the health sector, with limits access to effective HIV services

HIV doesn’t only kill but it affects the world economically as well.

What we do

The existence and sustainability of the Secretariat and Network, partly depends on MNS capacity to attract and effectively manage vast resources and programs.

  • Facilitate collaboration and partnerships,
  • Harness the Network’s expertise to provide technical support,
  • Facilitate knowledge sharing and best practices and
  • Facilitate evidence and accountability for results.

Identify and remove existing legal, social and structural barriers to KP interventions.

empower duty bearers to develop and implement more explicit and inclusive policies and programmes


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$10 can provide condoms and lubricants to someone that cannot afford them. And save their life and put an end to HIV/AIDS

Prevention is better and cheaper than treatment.

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