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Nearly 1 in every 25 adults in Sub-Saharan African is living with HIV, accounting for nearly two-thirds of the people living with HIV worldwide.

We need your help to stop HIV/AIDS.

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In Uganda, key populations are not able to get access to basic health facilities like condoms or lubricants from health centers-Not just because they are shy to but because they are discriminated against.

The LGBTI community is the most marginalized community in Uganda and because of this, they are denied basic health services.

With your donations we can provide some of these basic needs like lubricants, condoms, safety knowledge for HIV prevention and care, as well as sensitizing the public to consider and treat key populations equally.

The criminalization of key populations  by the Ugandan legal environment  has created confusion especially to the programmers, donors and service providers hence leaving the right target (key populations) susceptible to HIV/AIDS. 

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