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MNL is the only umbrella civil society organization (CSO) that brings together all categories of key and priority population CSOs across Uganda. MARPs Network is recognized, accepted and valued as the strongest link among the largest number of KP/PP focused stakeholders.

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Eastern and southern Africa remains the region most affected by the HIV epidemic, accounting for 45% of the world’s HIV infections and 53% of people living with HIV globally

Pervasive HIV-related social stigma and high levels of homophobic violence caused by conservative social attitudes and stigmatising legislation result in men who have sex with men, Sex workers, People Who Inject Drugs(PWID), Fisherfolk and other KPs feeling less inclined to access HIV services.

Many surveys indicate discrimination of key populations in healthcare settings where KPs are denied treatment.

A 2017 study found 40%  of MSM had experienced homophobic abuse and 44.5% had experienced suicidal thoughts

Although the Uganda Anti-Homosexuality Act was annulled, it increased harassment and prosecution based on sexual orientation and gender identities. It has also triggered negative discussions from the general population on social media, in which violence and anti-homosexual discrimination are advocated.

Your donations help us advocate for health services, provide condoms and lubricants, provide technical support and much more. 

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